When my Hildy was diagnosed with kidney failure as a puppy, I knew her life (and mine) would not get any easier. I deeply understand the struggle to keep a sick dog alive, comfortable, and happy. 

This is why Snorf Industries has been giving back 5% of its net profits to rescue charities since day one. Even though we’re still a small company, we do what we can to make life a little better, more comfortable, and happier for dogs in need.


FBRN Rescue Brenda had her ears crudely cropped by her previous owners. Due to the infection left behind, vets had to remove her inner and outer ears. This left her earless and deaf. Here at Snorf Industries, we wanted to give her ears back to her -- even if just for a moment.


Sadly, many dogs need help out there. And we do what we can to help them. And not just with donations. In February 2016, Dara intercepted a 53-lb, 5-month old pit bull puppy as his owner was about to drop him off at a city pound in upper Manhattan. He didn't know how to walk on a leash, so the owner had dragged him across the street -- causing his soft paw pads to tear and bleed. After vetting and many booties to protect his paws from street salt, Beau was ready for a new home. He now lives with a wonderful family in Southern New Jersey, where he's got his own big backyard and is spoiled on a daily basis. 


Seen Snorf's gear somewhere else for sale? It might have been on one of the charity auctions supporting rescue organizations you see on Facebook. We do our best to spread the love across a handful of charity organizations -- especially those that help brachycephalic breeds and Pit Bulls. 

If you volunteer with a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that's planning an online auction, feel free to reach out to us at While we wish we could help every single rescue auction out there, we do try to help out as many as we can.