Holiday Shipping Guide

Feeling gifty? Here's how to get your gifts where they need to be.
First, some things to consider:

If you're traveling, ship it to your destination. Maybe you can send the item to a family member or friend's house, or even your hotel! Just check with the hotel about their procedure for accepting packages. You'd be surprised how often they do this.

Are any of your items pre-ordered? You may have ordered an item that was a pre-order item. (Especially certain Adjustable BatHat Sport hats and a few Bullovers). It will clearly say if something is a pre-order item at the top of the product's description, and when it is expected to ship. For these items, consider using a different shipping method or address if you're in a rush or need to travel.

**Also, if one of your items is pre-ordered, the whole order you place will be held until all pieces are together and can be shipped in a single package. 

Give yourself one extra day.
And if you don't have an extra day to use as a shipping buffer, consider one of our gift cards! Or...

Oh Canada.
They're still catching up on getting shipments through customs at the US border, even though the postal strike is over. Contact us about your expedited shipping options. We can get your shipment over the border faster with Priority Shipping or by helping you pre-pay your taxes/duties beforehand. 


U.S. Domestic Shipping Deadlines

USPS and UPS cut-off dates:

Service Send by
UPS Ground December 17
USPS First-Class Mail December 20
UPS 2nd Day Air® December 20
USPS Priority Mail December 20
UPS Next Day Air® December 21
USPS Priority Mail Express December 22



Canada & International Shipping

The following are some considerations for shipping gifts abroad during December. 

* Ship as expedited a shipping method as you can afford. If you ship Priority Mail Express International by December 15th, you can get it there by Christmas (according to the USPS). 

* Taxes & Duties & Fees. All countries have 'em. The EU is especially expensive (20% or higher). You can estimate your international duties & taxes here

* Canadians can pay duties & taxes ahead of time to speed things up. Even if you don't need it for xmas, it will help at the border and with final delivery a LOT. Paying these fees/taxes/duties beforehand also usually means you won't have to go to the post office to retrieve your package!
Email us at before we ship your item and we can invoice you for those duties & taxes upfront.


Feel free to ask us any other questions you have at!