Original BatHat Hoodie for English Bulldogs

  • $ 64.95

Only 2 left!

Nothing keeps barrel chests, wide necks, and silly heads warm like the Original BatHat Hoodie.

  • Made with snuggly Polartec® 200, no other fleece is as plush, warm and adorable.
  • Folded-style ear pockets, providing a little extra room for English Bulldogs' ears inside the hood, while looking unbearably cute.
  • Cute pocket just above the rump
  • Opening on back for attaching harness 

And we're proud to say our items are Made in USA. Even our Polartec fleece is produced here in the states.

This season, we have limited stock of English Bulldog colors/sizes. Choose from Purple/Pink or Navy/French Blue. We'll occasionally post other colors and patterns, should we find any in our backstock.

Want to see which colors and sizes are available? 
Check our new Inventory Tracker! 




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