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As part of our big blowout sale: all items are $15. No returns or refunds. FINAL SALE. Ships by November 23rd.

Most of these items are from our original Kickstarter collection. Some important notes about how this collection differs from our more recent updates on these styles:

In our original production, the hood lengths were slightly shorter, brims are often wider, and there is no elastic around the face. This means that many dogs wore them as turtlenecks sometimes. (Note: you can even flip the ears inside the garment - so it looks like a turtleneck when they're not wearing it with the hood up!)

Hot tip for searching - these items only come in Turquoise and Black Polartec 200.


These come in Polartec 200 (winter weight) in these color combinations: Black/Red, Pink/Purple, Navy/Turquoise, and Navy/Aqua. Please note that the color in Pink/Purple's photo is slightly saturated.

The solid Red and solid Aqua are lighter-weight Polartec 100.

The size 5L Camouflage Bullover is not made with Polartec fleece.


Sizing was somewhat different during that first run. (2014-2015 customers will be familiar with these sizes!) Here's what to expect:

Size 2 - slimmer in the chest, this is ideal for an 17-18" chest, give or take. Ideal for small Boston Terriers or Frenchie puppies. This size 2 is a bit larger than our current size 2.

Size 3 - very similar to size 4, but slimmer in shoulders/chest. Ideal for 19-20" chest. It was discontinued because of how similar it was to size 4.

Size 4 - Similar to current size 4. Meant for small/short bodied French Bulldogs.

Size 5 - Similar to current size 5. Meant for average-sized French Bulldog or slightly beefy Boston Terrier/Pug.

Size 5L - This is a size 5 Long - ideal for dogs with backs longer than 16".

Size 6Similar to current size 6. Meant for larger French Bulldog or bigger Boston Terriers.

Size Small Original BatHat - ideal for heads 13-15"

Size Large Original BatHat - ideal for heads 17-20" 


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