Original BatHat Hoodie 1.0

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Hoodies from our very first production run, funded by Kickstarter! 

Nothing keeps barrel chests, wide necks, and silly heads warm like the Original BatHat Hoodie. Made with snuggly Polartec® 200, no other fleece is as plush, warm and adorable.

Each hoodie has a cute pocket just above the rump, an opening for attaching a harness, and our signature BatHat hood. Our patent-pending hood design allows ears the freedom they deserve, while looking unbearably adorable -- hood up or down! 

What's the difference between 1.0 Hoodies and 2.0 Hoodies?
Simply, we used a different sewing pattern. 
Size 2, 3, and 6 are slightly larger around the face and have shorter necks -- which can been great for the super neck-less!
Size 7 and 8 are actually pretty darn similar to the hoodies we're making in the new colors! 

Hoodies are available with two ear styles: upright BatEars and Folded Ears
And we're proud to say our items are Made in USA. Even our Polartec fleece is produced here in the states.

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As a point of reference for sizing, Enzo (the black Frenchie in most of our photos) is a perfect size 5. His back length is 16”, chest is 22”, and weight is 25 lbs.




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