Adjustable BatHat Hoodie

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Hugs the body. Hugs the face.

This latest evolution of our famous BatHat Hoodie has one new feature: an adjustable hood!

Designed just like the hoods on our Adjustable-Hood BatHat Raincoat and BatHat Popover, this hood can be adjusted to gently hug your dog's face with built-in elastic around the hood's brim.

This first production of Adjustable BatHat Hoodies will only be available in three sizes at first (4, 5, and 6) and will come in these colors:

POLARTEC FLEECE. The same fleece you'll find on our solid-colored fabrics used on our BatHat Hoodies. The same kind you'd find on coats at Patagonia, LL Bean, and North Face. Available in Charcoal/French Blue, Navy/Pink, and Charcoal/Corsage. 

POLARTEC EXTRA SNUGGLY: the same fabric as our Jersey Fleece, but fleecy-side out! This means the smooth, soft jersey side will snuggle your baby like a cozy t-shirt...while the fleecy, furry side face out for YOU to snuggle. Available in Pink and Deep Blue.

PREMIUM PATTERNS. Everyone's two favorite patterns are coming to our hoodies! Red Buffalo Plaid will have our classic look with a black accent hood and black pocket. Camouflage will be camo head-to-toe, except for a black pocket and orange elastic at the chin!

[LIMITED EDITION] POLARTEC JERSEY-FACE FLEECE: A smooth, soft jersey side faces out, while a super-snuggly fleecy side faces in. Available in Pink and Deep Blue. 


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