Adjustable BatHat Hoodie

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Hugs the body. Hugs the face.

This latest evolution of our famous BatHat Hoodie has one new feature: an adjustable hood!

Designed just like the hoods on our Adjustable-Hood BatHat Raincoat and BatHat Popover, this hood can be adjusted to gently hug your dog's face with built-in elastic around the hood's brim.


🎨 AVAILABLE COLORS & FABRICS •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

👉 POLARTEC FLEECE. The same fleece you'll find on our solid-colored fabrics used on our BatHat Hoodies. The same kind you'd find on coats at Patagonia, LL Bean, and North Face. Available in Charcoal/French Blue, Navy/Pink, Solid Red, Solid Pink, Purple/French Blue, and Charcoal/Pink, Black/French Blue.

👉 POLARTEC EXTRA SNUGGLY: the same fabric as our Jersey Fleece, but fleecy-side out! This means the smooth, soft jersey side will snuggle your baby like a cozy t-shirt...while the fleecy, furry side face out for YOU to snuggle. Available in Deep Blue and Pink.

👉 PREMIUM PATTERNS. Everyone's two favorite patterns are coming to our hoodies! Red Buffalo Plaid and Leopard will have our classic look with a black accent hood and black pocket. Camouflage is camo head-to-toe, except for a black pocket and orange elastic at the chin!



✂️ HOOD SIZING •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

➡️  SIZE 4: 12.5 - 16"
(most Pugs, Boston Terriers, and small Frenchies)

➡️  SIZE 5 and 6: 15 - 18"
(most average-to-large Frenchies. Also bigger Bostons and Pugs)

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