The Santa BatHat

The Santa BatHat

  • $ 29.95
  • Save $ -2.95

Back by popular demand... in limited supply. (Begins shipping November 20)

This adorable Christmas edition of our Original BatHat is made with a cozy, very washable premium polar fleece. With white trim around the face and a pompom on each ear, any dog will be ready to ride in Santa's sleigh (and fall asleep snoring on his lap as he tries to drive.)

The hat stays on with an adjustable, wide strip of Velcro that fastens securely under the chin. Most Bat Ears will fit comfortably into the ear pockets.

Hats are made with a premium-quality fleece that does great in the wash. 


This rendition of the hat is available three different ways:

  • Bat Ears with Pom Poms ($29.95)
  • Bat Ears with no Pom Poms ($24.95)
  • Folded Ears with no Pom Pom Poms ($24.95)


Sizes range from head sizes 12” to 22” in diameter.

Buying this as a gift?
Since you probably can't get head measurements on someone else's dog, here's our general rule-of-thumb for gift giving:

  • Size Small: Small-to-Average Boston Terriers and Pugs. Smaller French Bulldogs.
  • Size Medium: Average-to-Bigger French Bulldogs. Above-Average sized Boston Terriers and Pugs.




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