Return Labels, Domestic US Only

Return Labels, Domestic US Only

  • $ 2.50
  • Save $ 4.50

• When ordering, return label MUST be only item in your cart

• At checkout, select shipping method "Shipping Label - No Shipping Required" 
• Place a separate order if you wish to purchase additional items 

★★ In the comments section, you MUST include the order number associated with your return/exchange ★★

Why discounted labels? As a small business, we can't offer totally-free returns/exchanges. However, many people find going to the post office quite annoying and expensive (often between $3.50-$8.00). We want to help with that -- and offer you discounted shipping back to us for returns and exchanges. 

There are just 4 things to know when placing your request (outlined in more detail if you scroll down...)

  • What kind of packaging are you sending it back in?
  • Is the condition of the item clean/new/unused?
  • Can you ship it back within 30 days?
  • Do you need us to mail you the label? Or can you print it at home?

See below for return/exchange instructions.

1. Packaging.  These labels are designed to be used with your original packaging. If you cannot reuse your shipping envelope, please use something similar or lighter in weight. These labels CANNOT be used with Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx envelopes. 

2. Item Condition. 
Please make sure you have read our return/exchange policy. If we receive an item that is too dirty or covered with hair, it will not be accepted. All our policy details are available here.

3. Mailing.
Print your return form and include it in your return package. (You can find that form here.)

Please seal up the item securely in the shipping envelope and affix the label to the front. Labels expire after 30 days. 

These labels are emailed to you. You can then print them at home and affix to your envelope with clear packing tape. 

    4. Tracking & Processing. One benefit of our labels is that we'll have a record of your tracking number! Once the item arrives here, please give us up to 7-10 business days to process.

    Need it faster? If you need an exchange item more quickly than this, we recommend returning for a full refund and simply placing a new order for the item you need. The turnaround for this method is usually 24-48 hours.


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