(Classic) BatHat Raincoat with Dri-Belly Technology

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Rain Shmain.

If your toughguy (or girl) becomes a little princess the moment it starts raining, then it might be time for the BatHat Raincoat with Dri-Belly Technology.

Meet the first stretchy-belly, water-resistant raincoat developed to keep under-bellies as dry as possible. Some unique features:

  • UNIVERSAL LEASH ATTACHMENT. Move the double zippers upward to accommodate a collar attachment, or move them downward for a harness attachment!
  • CUSTOMIZED HOOD. Each hood that's not adjustable is custom-fitted for your dog's head measurement. Please allow a couple extra days for this customization. See measurement instructions below.
  • COVERAGE FOR GIRLS. Female-cut coats provide extra belly coverage to keep bellies warm and dry!
  • ADJUSTABILITY. All coats are adjustable around the waist with hidden velcro.
  • DRI-BELLY TECHNOLOGY. Our “Dri-Belly Technology” keeps bellies drier than most raincoats. When you have short legs, backsplash from wet streets is just as bad as the rain itself. 
  • TEMPERATURES. Appropriate for temperatures between 35-65 degrees, depending upon your dog's tolerance of warm and cold conditions. We do recommend the Popover coats for winter temperatures. 



*Please note that size Large is for English Bulldogs and XXL Frenchies (approx over 40lbs).
** Size Large CAN be shipped with Bat Ears... just ask!


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